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  • What We Offer

    Our courses turn people into first-rate personal trainers and gym instructors

    Course Options

    To work as a gym instructor in Britain you require a qualification called the Level 2 Gym Instructor Certificate, and to be a personal trainer, you need that same course, plus an addition course called the Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate. We provide both of these courses, either individually, or together in a combined course package called a Personal Trainer Diploma.

    Choose Your Study Schedule

    We provide great flexibility for our students to train according to their own schedules. Many of our trainees have work or childcare commitments that prevent them from entering full-time training, and for these people we provide part-time study options, and even allow them to do their entire course online if they prefer.

    Choose How To Pay

    We make it very easy for people to fund their training with us. Not only do we offer these courses for less than most other providers in the fitness industry, but we also endeavor to provide 0% finance loans that allow our students to pay their course fee in easy to manage monthly installments over the course of a year, without having to pay anything extra in interest. Those who are able to do so are of course welcome to pay their entire course fee at once.

    Study With Our Support

    In addition to the practical teaching you'll receive at our training center (assuming you didn't choose the online-only study option), you'll be able to access training manuals and videos on our website that will teach you everything you need to pass the course. Our dedicated Student Support team will be available by phone or email to assist you with any aspect of your training. If you don't complete your final assessments the first time round, we'll let you resit as many times as you need to, so you won't need to buy another course.

    Launch Your Career

    Once you've finished training with us, you'll be ready to begin your career in the fitness industry. Our courses are fully accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, meaning your qualification will be recognized by any fitness industry employer in Britain, Australia, Europe and many other parts of the world. We even guarantee all of our graduates a job interview with Virgin Active, one of the UK's major health club chains.

  • Our Track Record

    We let the results speak for themselves:

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  • What We Teach

    All the knowledge and skills needed to be a success in the fitness industry


    You will learn about all the different exercises the human body can perform to improve fitness, increase muscle tone or lose weight, and how to judge which exercises are most necessary for what particular clients want to achieve.


    You will learn how to create detailed diet plans for clients that will supplement the benefit their physical exercise regimes and help them achieve their fitness goals.


    You will learn motivational interviewing and behavior change techniques that will help you instill self-belief and a desire to change in clients. These abilities are especially important when training clients with weight issues.


    We can teach you how to set up and run your personal training business like a professional. Learn how to manage your finances, market yourself to potential clients, and even how to use the Internet and social media to build your brand.

    Level 4 Modules

    You also have the option to customize your training by adding some advanced level 4 modules to your personal trainer course that teach specialist fitness subjects like lower back pain management, obesity and weight management, and strength and sports conditioning.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do you charge for the gym instructor and personal trainer courses?

    Our lowest possible prices are £439 for a gym instructor course and £979 for a personal trainer course. The exact price is dependent on the course package you take and the study format you choose. You should call our advisory team on 00000 000000 to get an exact quote.

    What doors will these courses open for me?

    Our courses are accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), the organization that sets the formal qualification requirements for professional roles in the fitness industry like personal trainer and gym instructor. REPs is a worldwide organization, which means any course you get from us will be recognized by employers in the UK, Ireland, Mainland Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand and many other places.

    How do I qualify for your 0% interest loan?

    You will have to undergo a credit check. If you pass, you are eligible for the loan. Please call us for further advice about whether you would qualify for the loan or about how you can improve your credit score.

    Is there some other way I can become a personal trainer?

    There are some UK Universities that provide degrees in personal training, but frankly it's silly to spend three years of your life doing an undergraduate degree when you could get the qualification in just weeks or months from a fitness industry vocational training provider like us.

    Can I work as a personal trainer without a qualification?

    Well, there's no law to stop you from doing so, but no insurance provider would insure a personal trainer who doesn't have a recognized qualification. And without insurance it would be extremely foolish to work as a personal trainer, because you would be personally liable for any compensation claims made by anyone who gets injured or has an accident while training under your supervision.